Sign Plus has been in the business of effectively bridging the gap between consumers and manufacturers for more than a decade. Our revolutionary signage solutions equip our clients with only the best, allowing us to retain the title of being market leader in the UAE, for the greater part of our existence.

With a wide range of products, Sign Plus has revolutionised the way consumers look at outdoor and indoor signage, outdoor advertising billboards, Tri-O-Vision signs and Electronic LED screens. In addition, our collective professional expertise in the industry, our attention to customer satisfaction and our constant quest for the latest technology and innovation, assists us in our journey of becoming the market leader in UAE.

CEO Statement:

Revolutionising the Sign Manufacturing industry with the latest technology and trends is something that we are no stranger to. We have catered to the biggest brand names in the Middle East and continue to enjoy their loyalty and simultaneously provide them with the highest quality of Customer Service.

While Sign Plus continues to be one of the market leaders in Sign Manufacturing and Outdoor advertising, it gives me immense pleasure to introduce our latest product that has raised the bar even higher – LED Plus. The arrival of Electronic LED billboards into our outstanding current range of products, provides more than sufficient evidence that Sign Plus will remain up to date with future innovations for the benefit of our customers.

UAE has been for a long time a central business hub. But it is still a business hub with a huge demand for the right advertising products and over the past decade, Sign Plus was successfully able to meet that demand.

Even though our personnel consist of the best minds in the industry, constant employee training programs are mandatory for our office facilities. We gauge our performance by directly looking into customer satisfaction, which is one of our Key Performance Indicators.

Irrespective of what industry you are in, if getting the most out of your advertising pursuits is your ultimate goal, then Sign Plus is what you are looking for. Because... 'We Make Lasting Impressions'!