In line with the trend of utilizing the most advanced and latest technology, Sign Plus has become the industry leader in using LED High Definition screens in outdoor advertising. Part of the next generation of technology, LED Plus is an innovative method and an attractive proposition for return of investment in advertising.

With high definition stills, videos, graphics and other visuals changing according to client requirements, LED Plus has become the breakthrough innovation that the advertising industry was waiting for. Clients look for strategically placed signboards that give them maximum exposure and our first LED screen is placed in a location that guarantees the same. Located in the heart of Sharjah , our research and development team went the extra mile into finding one of the most busiest spots in the country, that ensure maximum exposure. Never before has advertising space included the highest coverage, the latest technology at the best value for money. In addition the content being displayed on the screens and constantly monitored live by our dedicated team to ensure smooth operation.

In addition, the near future has its share of exciting new additions to the existing Sign Plus repertoire. Dubai, together with the other emirates will soon be equipped with Sign Plus' LED screens placed at prime locations.

On the constant lookout for cutting-edge technology, our success is also manifested in our commitment to Customer Satisfaction. We pride ourselves in constantly collecting valuable feedback from our clients, and learning together with them. Client satisfaction is also one of our Key Performance Indicators while client's feedback provides us with valuable insights that allow us to constantly improve strategies and introduce new innovative concepts and products.

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